Navil Natural is a manufacturer of natural food ingredients who operates through a vertically integrated supply chain system, which allows us to have strong control over quality and traceability, and the application of sustainable supply chain for the products we produce. 


Why Navil Natural Organic Coconut Sugar

Navil Natural Integrated Coconut Sugar

Vertical Integrated

The root of the company starts from a small farmers group. Throughout years of experience we have learned the market expectations and now developed an integrated supply chain from farms to our door.

Navil Natural Best Quality Coconut Sugar

Commitment Towards Quality

Critical control points in every step of the company’s operation are identified and controlled to ensure consistency of the standart and continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services.

Navil Natural Coconut Sugar Production

Breakthrough in Production

We have developed a production system and equipment that have never been used by other coconut sugar manufactures before.

Focus on sustainability

Identifying and creating awareness on key areas to sustain continuity of the supply chain, frame our efforts in building and managing our supply chain.

Competitive price

Direct access to farmers and efficient production system enable us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

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