Navil Natural Aligned Strategic Plan Development

Our passion has always been about realizing a strong pathway to strong continuous growth, not just for our internal operation but for the entire supply chain, this means from farmer to our customers. We believe that continuous growth is an automatic result of committed and ongoing efforts to understand how the market value the products, the key factors that sustain supply of the material, and current availability or level of resources within our operation.

We manifest that strong commitment and high level of integrity into an Aligned Strategic Development, and it is fundamental for us to make this strategic development ALIVE. This means translating it into a quantifiable and outcome-based goals that align with the interests of all the stake holders and apply an effective management system that provides effective performance review for ongoing and continuous clarity of the supply chain’s key of growth… In short, implementing The Navil Natural Effective Management System (NN-EMS).

Since it was founded in 2015, Navil Natural’s supply chain has grown significantly. This growth is represented by the continuous growth of our year by year turnover; 88% between 2015-2016, 81% between 2016-2017, and 45% between 2017-2018. Furthermore, with the implementation of our Alive and Aligned Strategic Plan Development, we are looking at an average growth of minimum 45% per year in the next 3 years.