Popular Facts About Coconut Sugar Benefits

Coconut sugar benefits recently known as alternative sweetener that brought people attention to find healthy alternate sugar compare to cane sugar. In fact, many people believe that Coconut Sugar is on the path of becoming THE MOST LOOKED FOR SWEETENER globally. This is a result of the increasing awareness in the market on the following health and sustainable aspects of Coconut Sugar:

Let’s get to know some popular facts of coconut sugar benefits:

  • Low Glycemic Index (GI): Although coconut sugar Glycemic Index level is varying in the market, but the product is commonly known to have a published Glycemic Index level of 35. This very low Glycemic Index level makes Coconut Sugar a very friendly sweetener for people who have concerns over obesity and diabetic problems.
  • Another coconut sugar benefits is High Nutrient contents and minerals: Coconut Sugar is not a refined sugar. Being a natural sugar, Coconut Sugar retains its complex properties and among them are its high amino acids, minerals, and potassium contents.
  • Sustainability: Coconut Sugar is produced from the nectar of coconut flower (coco nucifera). The nectar is an all year round produced material and therefore provides a continuous supply of raw material for Coconut Sugar. On top of this, coconut is a permanent crop and therefor makes it an environmentally friendly crop because it does not require to be cut and burnt down, which means none to a very minimum carbon is released from coconut farming.
  • Empowerment: Indonesia has the biggest coconut farms in the world with a total of 3.86 million hectares of coconut farms. This is equal to 31.2% of total coconut farms in Indonesia, which is 98% of the farms, are managed by small farmers. Therefore, Coconut Sugar development programs can have a significant affect to the empowerment of small farmers in Indonesia.

Coconut sugar benefits will bring you to a real truth of sweetness without regret.