Drought-affected areas can give a massive problem for the people who live in the affected region.

The reason is simple, water is important.

But… what does water do?

Well, in summary, water does A LOT of things.

From plants, and animals, to humans, we all need water to fully function. Water gave us life from the tiniest cells in our body to the systems that built the structure of many living beings.

For humans particularly, water gives us much more than cleansing our thirst.

Water helps our body to digest and transfer nutrition to the whole entirety of our body. It makes our organs function healthily, Keep our body temperature stable, and sooo much more!

Not only that, it also drives economies and social life in our society. It helps crops and livestock grow ample and nutritious for us to consume. It’s the mixture for the cement that built our high-rise buildings…

Water is the reason why we are here today…

Drought-affected Purbalingga

Sadly, many people do not have easy water access for their needs. There are many reasons why. Distance, drought, and ineffective irrigation are to name a few. These problems which I’ve mentioned were a big problem that came across many lives in Purbalingga, Java, Indonesia in 2019.

Cited from humanitarian.info, there was a massive drought that affected more than 2800 people and 700 families in the region of Purbalingga as of 4th July 2019. Since most of the locals work as farmers, this drought caused crop failures that resulted in them losing their only source of income. Not only that, but the farmers themselves had also a hard time to fulfill their water needs for drinks, baths, and many other necessary daily activities.

Most of our coconut sugar extract production is from this exact region. So as a company that holds strong on our values and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we took a step to help out the locals.

We sent out tools and machinery for villages in the far distance from water sources affected by the drought. We then filled tanks upon tanks of water so it would then be filled into containers that local individuals can bring back home and stock for themselves.

Other than that, we’ve also built pipelines that would give all the people in the village a constant sustainable water source that’ll prevent them from water shortages in the future to come.

Thanks to Navil’s CSR Program, many locals can resume again the backbone of their economy and resume their normal happy lives.